Lynnwood Glen is a unique a residential area developed in 1967. It is situated on the original Struben farm surrounded by a rich history.  It is today, bordered by Atterbury Road on the South, General Louis Botha Avenue on the East, Lynnwood Road on the North and the N1 on the West. The natural occurrence of indigenous Bushveld trees and shrubs is further enhanced by expansive tree planting and gardening by the City Council and by residents.

The Moreletta and Waterkloof Spruits run through it and together with the Struben Dam Bird Sanctuary, provide a calm and strong residential suburb character atmosphere. The area is well known for its unique variety of indigenous birdlife and small mammals.

But all of these may be threatened if  there is no concerted and well planned effort in time  to save the Glen from future development onslaughts

Lynnwood Glen today 

Lynnwood Glen today has an exceptionally good and well-balanced land use mix. The residential area consists of 831 erven of which 812 are private houses and 22 dwellings. There are 135 high-rise flat units, 48 duplex units and 76 simplex units, which is one of the highest densities for a residential area in the East. The Glenwood shopping center with a floor area of 4227m2, lies in the midst of the Glen and serve both residents and office users.  Several office buildings are situated adjacent to the shopping center, but their occupancy rates are presently not very high. All in all, development has reached a saturation point and the Glen should be protected as it is.  A few common  Glen features can therefore be accentuated that are vital in  its future protection efforts.

  • A sandwiched residential area bordered by three large road systems
  • A balanced mix between low and high intensity residential ,  business and green areas
  • Active residential renewal in buildings, people like to be part of the Glen
  • Relatively free of  noise disturbances from Menlyn  Events Arena
  • The Action Group is recognised as a fierce and important residential stakeholder and regularly consulted by both business and government
  • Business development pressures on its borders are mounting
  • Lynnwood Glen is recognised as an endangered residential area that needs constant  protection
  • Community interests have now precedence  over business and individual interests
  • But its future existence might be threatened if we don’t strategise and act in cohesion in time 

Instruments  that will help  to help protect our future existence

Pretoria East Mobility Study (PEMS )

The residential character of Lynnwood Glen is protected through the agreement reached under the Pretoria East Mobility Study (PEMS).  This  public participation process was inclusive, transparent and in accordance with the directives of the Environmental Conservation Act (1989) and the Development Facilitation Act (1995).   As a result of our community input the Municipality has an agreement with the residents of Lynnwood Glen to honour the agreements reached in the PEMS

Menlyn Node Spatial Development Framework (MNSDF) 

As a result of the PEMS, the Menlyn Node Spatial Development Framework (MNSDF) was compiled by the Council This policy document will ultimately address specific land use proposals within the Menlyn Node.  This is in order to address the development of the Menlyn Node area in a coordinated, harmonious manner.  The MNSDF will serve as a management framework to also guide and direct future land use changes within the development edge of the Menlyn Node.   

Development Control Unit of the Metropolitan Council

In order to stem illegal businesses in residential areas, the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality has created the Development Control Unit who after their investigation on illegal businesses,  serves eviction orders to all illegal land use owners.  There are a number of illegal businesses operating in Lynnwood Glen and a survey is being conducted with a view to assist the Development Control Unit in taking these businesses to task.

Local Govt Municipal Structures Act ( Act 17 of 1998 ) & Local Govt Municipal Systems Act ( Act 32 of 2000)

Both of these are basically designed to  give effect of communities rights under the Constitution and afford them the right in participating in Provincial and Municipal decision making structures where it concerns  communities’ interests and to allow for transparency of decisions taken.

Our Ward 46 Councillor and the Ward 46 Committees 

This involves the day to day running of the Ward, building and rezoning applications, etc.  Lynnwood Glen is adequately represented on the Ward 46 Executive Committee.


The reality of day to day town planning looks different however

Threats to be dealt with

  • Being immediately adjacent to the Menlyn Business Node
  • Pressures from town planning companies and estate agencies
  • Secondary and tertiary development hopping into residential areas ( Our attractiveness as a location is obvious, Also too expensive in the node for secondary development – therefore they try and hide in residential areas )
  • Road congestion and rat running


Concerted and targeted action is required by all in the Glen to :

  • Turning threats into challenges and opportunities
  • Assist in anticipate and planning   ahead of time 
  • Mobilization of the community. (once the Menlyn Node is developed, pressure for peripheral  development will increase. We need to realize this and  contain this in advance. We need your expertise!
  • Ad hoc and focused engagement by the wider community.  Not only our eyes and ears but, pulling together whatever skills and expertise we have in the community to stop threats in an embrio stage


  • A truly protected residential area, unique in its character
  • Increased residential peace and tranquility
  • Increased property values
prepared by founding committee, supplied by Dawie Bezuidenhout, updated October 2006

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